Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Human Trafficking Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Human Trafficking - Research Paper Example People smuggling involves providing people, mostly illegal immigrants, with the means to enter into a foreign country or state without following due legal process and for a price. Once the smuggled people reach their destination, they are set free to go and start their own lives in whatever place they choose. Human trafficking is not a new phenomenon as it has its roots in ancient times when civilization was taking form, which is even before the 15th century. In places such as Rome and Greece, the vice was so prevalent and lucrative that the society had accepted it as a normal business, which put almost half of the population in bondage (Williams 36). However, it is only after the 15th century that this form of trafficking took a global dimension as a result of new explorations and establishment of colonies by the Portuguese, Dutch, British and French among others in territories outside their own continent. It is from here that capturing of indigenous people, with the help of collabo rators, began whereby the captured people were driven to work in large farms and plantations in the colonies as well as in Europe and other continents such as the US, which led to widespread transfer of populations. Some races such as African Americans were formed as a result of this atrocity after people from the African continent were procured by US slave masters to go and provide cheap or forced labor in their firms and while at it, the slaves continued to procreate both within themselves and with the indigenous Americans thus their current existence. However, anti slavery movements emerged in the 1770s and consequently several nations outlawed it and it remains outlawed even in the contemporary society most... Human trafficking is the trade of human beings for the purposes of forced servitude. Forced servitude in this context involves; forced labor, sexual exploitation, child labor, bonded labor and military enrollment. It is estimated that there are more than 27 million people world wide in modern slavery, a business which is attracting a lot of illegal money valued at more than $32 billion annually. Third world countries have been noted as the major targets for traffickers, while the developed ones such as the US are the recipients due to their high economic growth and numerous opportunities. Some of the impacts of this trade on Developing countries include and not limited to; depression of wages, high prevalence of STDs, loss of human capital as well as high crime rate. The US, which receives more than 50000 trafficked persons on yearly basis, suffers from unemployment since victims are made to provide cheap labor, insecurity as well as the burden of spending tax payer’s money in combating the above mentioned consequences.

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